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The Company

Our Purpose

We've seen ranges as rugged as the day they were made, valleys as verdant as when our ancestors came. We've been party to a lifetime of honest days' work, and the helping hands of strangers and friends. We've shaken our heads as certain species declined, and we've poured out our sweat to see them come back. Such experiences will shape you and all you put your hand to. Such are the experiences that shape Full Curl Brands.

Full Curl Brands is centered around the primary objective of contributing a portion of profits from every bottle sold towards the conservation of Wild Sheep. Our Rocky Mountain roots are dug in deep, from the Cascades to Colorado and the Baja to British Columbia. All of our Spirits are bottled in central Kentucky … the heart of Whiskey Country. The same passion we have for supporting the conservation cause exists in every drop of only the finest Distilled Spirits going into every bottle we fill, seal and sell. Grab a bottle and join us in the quest for conservation!

Rocky Mountain Big Horn
Dall Sheep
Desert Big Horn
Stone Sheep
Anything that evolves from passion is worth pursuing.
Rob Gerstner

The Founder

It's Rob's passion to go high and deep into the mountains - all around the world - that is at the core of Full Curl Brands. These rugged, vast and untouched places are where the heartiest wild animals live and roam … this is the place where Wild Sheep call “home”.

Spending time up close to these majestic, big game animals are what inspired Rob to create the Full Curl brand. It was in 2014, on an adventure in Northwest Territories - Canada - getting in close to the gorgeous Dall Sheep big game animals. This adventure sparked the idea of creating a spirits brand called Full Curl. The thought at the center of it all … to drive awareness of these incredible North American Sheep, leading to Sales of product that would allow a portion of profits to be donated to the Wild Sheep Foundation. This is where it started and where it lives on today!