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Wheat Vodka

"Peak Flavors, Unleashed."

Desert Bighorns scrape their life from a land defined more by what it lacks than what it offers. It hasn't been easy. Starting in the 16th century, European colonization began diminishing their numbers, and more recently, long periods of drought have taken their toll. But survivalists that they are, desert bighorns are recovering across much of their native range due in part to water access improvement projects. This is the inspiration for our Vodka. Canadian distilled from wheat grains, 3 times to perfection, then 100% charcoal filtered prior to bottling. Remarkably simple and pure, this Vodka is more the result of what we leave out than what we put in.

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Flavor Profile

Aromatic, herbal, peppery.

40% ABV

Bottled using only the finest all-natural Kentucky Distilled water.
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