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Bourbon Whiskey

"Untamed Elegance."

Once, Rocky Mountain Bighorns ranged wide from the Cascades to Colorado and the Baja to British Columbia. By 1900, with human encroachment only several thousand were left, mostly in remote pockets of the American West. But the bighorn is a survivor, and after many decades of tireless conservation work, more than 85,000 thrive today. This is the inspiration for our Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Forged to perfection, we carefully craft and age this libation in newly charred oak barrels for at least 3 years to evoke the vigor of the Rocky Mountain bighorn or up to 9 years for and even bolder flavor. For the adventurous, try one of our finished bourbons.

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Flavor Profile

Smokey, rich, bold.

45% ABV

Bottled using only the finest all-natural Kentucky Distilled water.
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